Pittman Seeks Third Term

State Rep. Ajay Pittman (Dem., Oklahoma City) will seek a third term, it has been learned.

The legislator will be in the Tuesday, June 28, democratic primary.

“Again, I am asking for the trust and continued support of the citizens of District 99,” she said in a news release.

She said that District 99 is home to “one of the youngest elected state officials in Oklahoma.”

State Rep. Pittman won reelection to a second term in 2020.

She described herself as a “sixth-generation Oklahoman, American political leader and community activist.”

State Rep. Pittman is the first female millennial elected to serve in the Oklahoma 58th State Legislature.

She is also the first statewide second-generation female legacy member to serve in House District 99, her news release said.

Former State Sen. Anastasia A. Pittman (Dem., Oklahoma City), state Rep. Pittman’s mother, held the District 99 seat for eight years before her election to the State Senate.

“I have helped Oklahomans maintain their health and safety as they fought the COVID-19 pandemic,” Ajay Pittman stated.

“Currently, I am advocating on their behalf during this economic crisis due to all of the inflation issues both locally and abroad.

“We are asking constituents what they need as we continue to adjust to these impoverished effects on our communities.”

 “My commitment is to be of service is not only to our constituents, but to those healthcare professionals, teachers, and other public servants who have been on the frontlines attempting to ease the burdens of this pandemic crisis,” the legislator continued.

“State Rep. Ajay Pittman has proven to be a professional policy maker,” commented Rev. Lee E. Cooper Jr., the pastor of the Prospect Baptist Church and served as interim Ward 7 city councilman.

“She demonstrates performance over promises.

“You cannot ignore the energy and effectiveness of our young leaders.

“She has been on the frontline to help move us forward through these trying times.”

The State Legislature is comprised of 48 state senators and 101 state representatives.

“During the past four years, I have been humbled and inspired,” State Rep. Pittman said.

“Everyday, I walk into the State Capitol grateful to represent District 99.

“Residents can trust that I will remain a strong advocate and be an unwavering voice for the needs of our community.”

“My career experience in the healthcare industry has given me a unique perspective on how to work with our local and national partners,” she went on.

“We help develop strategies on how we continue to combat the health disparities that were exacerbated through the COVID-19 health crisis.

“I continue to work tirelessly to ensure quality healthcare to everyone in District 99 and the entire state.”

State Rep. Pittman has been appointed by Speaker Charles McCall to the Committees on Public Health, Human Services Appropriations and Budget, Agriculture, and Transportation Appropriations and Budget.

The state legislator said she is a seventh-generation Native American with citizenship in the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma.

She is the third-elected Seminole to serve in the Oklahoma State Legislature.

The year, Speaker McCall reappointed her to serve on the joint committee on State-Tribal Relations, and, in 2020-21, to serve as Vice chairman of the  Redistricting committee for Oklahoma County.

State Rep. Pittman was appointed to be vice chairman of the Native American Caucus for the 58th Legislature.

The state legislator is a member of the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus and the Native American Legislative Caucus.

In addition, she is co-chairman of the State House of Representatives Millennial Action Project Future Caucus.

“I serve on strategic committees that have afforded me the opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues, and state agencies, on the fiscal impact that will have a direct effect on my constituents,” she said.

“My goal is to not only unite our diverse communities with information and resources, but to ensure that our collective voices are heard.”

State Rep. Pittman has championed anti-hunger legislation to combat food deserts, criminal justice reform to combat our overpopulated prisons, public safety bills to combat high speed chase fatalities, diversity training for public education teachers, and passed legislation to stimulate economic development.

“She is a valuable member of the State House Democratic Caucus on several issues, especially those that directly affect minority communities such as reducing our high maternal and infant mortality rates, hair discrimination, and education achievement disparities.” Said State Rep. Emily Virgin (Dem., Norman), the Democratic leader of the State House.

“State Rep. Pittman has worked in a bi-partisan fashion to pass legislative bills from the House floor and demonstrates her executive experience by working across the aisle to bring our community the resources that we have lost due to the lack of state funding.

“She is not only my colleague, but she is my friend.

“It has been an honor to serve alongside her in the House Democratic Caucus.

“I am consistently inspired by the way she handles herself at the Capitol and elevates the needs of her community.

“Her voice has become a necessity in our caucus and in the State House, and her presence is essential,” said State Rep. Cyndi Munson (Dem., Oklahoma City), the Democratic Caucus leader-elect of the State House.

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