Poll: Trump stronger leader with better judgement, Biden more likable



(The Center Square) – While Americans see President Joe Biden as more likable, they think former President Donald Trump is a stronger leader with better judgment who would do better at managing the federal government.

Gallup released the polling data which found that Biden’s poll numbers across a range of indicators have dropped since he took office.

In 2020, 52% of those surveyed said Biden could manage the government effectively, but that number is now down to 39%. Trump does better by 10 percentage points, with 49% of Americans now saying he can manage the government effectively.

Only 40% say Biden “displays good judgment in a crisis” compared to 45% who say the same for Trump.

Notably, only 38% say Biden is a “strong and decisive leader” compared to 57% who say the same for Trump.

Biden’s likability from 2020 to 2024 also dropped from 66% to 57% while the percent of people who said Biden is “honest and trustworthy” decreased from 52% to 46%.

Trump fares poorly here with only 37% saying he is likable and 35% saying he is honest and trustworthy.

Both Biden and Trump are the assumed nominees of their respective parties heading into November.

“Democrats are less likely now than in 2020 to say Biden displays good judgment in a crisis, is a strong and decisive leader, can manage government effectively and cares about the needs of people like them,” Gallup said. “On these three characteristics, the declines have been nine to 13 points.”

This survey comes on the heels of The Center Square Voter’s Voice poll, which found that Trump narrowly beats Biden nationally among likely voters.

That poll showed Trump beating Biden 46%-45% with likely voters with the rest unsure.

As The Center Square previously reported, if you allow respondents in the survey to vote for a third party candidate, Trump’s lead over Biden grows to three points. When Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West and Jill Stein were included in the poll, they chipped away support from Biden more than from Trump.

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