Porter is Seeking Position Vying for Seat In State House

Susan Porter, the daughter of former State Sen. E. Melvin Porter (Dem., Oklahoma City), announced today her candidacy for a seat in the State House of Representatives.

Miss Porter is running as a Democrat for the District 99 seat in the State House.
“There is greatness in serving,” the candidate said in a statement.

She said she is “answering the call of public service” by running for the office.
“I want to give my all to the citizens of Oklahoma,” she said.

“I am no stranger to hard work,” the District 99 candidate said, “and I have the personal strength to stand firm in my convictions and an unshakeable sense of integrity.”

“As a young girl,” she went on, “I had the honor of growing up watching my father speak to and for those who had no idea of how to speak up for themselves.”

“[My father] taught me—as the youngest of seven—the importance of building unity in our community,” she commented.

Her father, the former state senator, died in 2016.

“Since my formative years and throughout my college years,” she said, “I sought opportunities to learn about our culture.

“I sought the opportunity to uplift and encourage others.”
“I sought opportunities to allow God to shine through me,” Miss Porter added.

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