Police Say He’s Gunned Down While in His Car

Frederick N. Okine Sr.

The owner of a northeast quadrant medical marijuana dispensary was gunned down while in his car, The Black Chronicle has learned.

Frederick N. Okine Sr., 39, police said, was found dead in the front seat of his car at about 3:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Officers had responded to a call to investigate an incident at 4601 Dianna Ave.

A police report said Mr. Okine was the apparent victim of gunshot wounds.

“At this point, no arrests have been made,” the police report said.

Mr.  Okine was the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary on NE 23rd Street.

His murder is the second homicide incident involving medical pot dispensaries.

Last year, another owner of a dispensary at another location on NE 23rd was gunned down at a NE quadrant house. 

In that incident, a woman believed to live at the house was shot multiple times and her 15-year-old daughter was killed, too.

In the March 7 incident, police believe that Mr. Okeine was a resident of the house where his body was found.

“This homicide is still early and is ongoing,” a police spokesman said regarding the March 7 homicide. “Anyone with information on this homicide is asked to call the department’s Homicide Tip Line at (405)297-1200,” he said.


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