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Recent shark attacks in Florida, Hawaii, and New Jersey have raised considerations concerning the protection of swimming within the ocean. However, scientists and researchers who find out about sharks say that it’s, in truth, protected. While probably bad interactions between people and sharks do occur, they are unusual, and critical accidents or deaths on account of shark bites are very rare.

According to the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File, during the last decade, there were round 70 to 80 unprovoked shark bites international every yr. Last yr, there have been simplest 57 unprovoked bites, and simplest 5 of the ones had been deadly. The decline within the collection of shark bites might be because of the worldwide decline in shark populations.

The United States and Australia are most often the websites of essentially the most reported shark bites. Florida, particularly, had 16 unprovoked bites ultimate yr, two of which ended in amputations. Most shark bites are from white, bull, and tiger sharks, which are the most important and most deadly kinds of sharks. However, many interactions with sharks are with smaller species that are not going to purpose critical accidents.

By taking easy precautions, like averting dressed in glossy items within the water and now not swimming at first light and nightfall, beachgoers can cut back the danger of encountering a shark. Scientists urge everybody to understand that the chance of being significantly injured by way of a shark chunk is very low.

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