A man was shot during what police believe to have been a road rage incident on Sunday afternoon at an intersection on NE 23rd Street.
The victim captured the entire incident on his dash-camera and a suspect has been arrested.
Just a few weeks ago, the same intersection was involved in a late night chase by Oklahoma state troopers.
In that incident, state troopers had chased a pick-up truck on Interstate 35 and then down NE 23rd until the suspects attempted to escape state troopers by turning onto N. Prospect Avenue.
The pick-up ended up ramming into a Perry Publishing & Broadcasting building.
The driver of the truck was killed and the passenger was taken to a hospital before he was arrested.
A spokesman for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol said drugs were found in the pick-up.
In the incident on Sunday, a spokesman for the Oklahoma City Police Department said the victim was shot in the hand and his injuries were not considered to be life-threatening.
However, the victim of the shooting said the experience was “life- altering.”
“You never know when your last day is going to be and that could have been my last day,” said shooting victim Kenneth Holmes.
On Sunday, Mr. Holmes was headed home when he said a black SUV, first captured on his camera at NE 23rd and N. Kelley Avenue, drifted into his lane.
“I stayed on the horn about three seconds,” Mr. Holmes remembered. “It wasn’t just a tap, but to let him know.”
That decision triggered the terrifying moments captured on Mr. Holmes’ dash and rear cameras.
The video showed a black SUV as it passed Mr. Holmes from the inside lane.
Holmes was cut off as he attempted to go around the SUV.
Only able to pass the SUV for a moment, video showed the vehicle coming around again.
A clear image of the driver can be seen in a still frame taken from the dash-cam video.
The SUV is captured again as it passes Mr. Holmes’ again and then blocks all lanes of traffic.
“I heard something go pop, pop, pop!” said Mr. Holmes.
He had been shot.
“I felt a burning in my hand and when I pulled my hand up, blood was pouring out,” said Mr. Holmes.
Mr. Holmes pulled over and called 911.
“God was with me, simple as that,” Mr. Holmes remarked.
The gunman was later identified as Teontez Fortune, a metropolitan-area barber, who was arrested at work.
“He went to work the next day, after he did that to me and it blows me away,” said Mr. Holmes.
Mr. Holmes said he had forgiven Mr. Fortune.
“I wish I could have prayed for him while he was standing there shooting,
“I would have told him don’t do this.”
Mr. Holmes’ nephew, James Washington, said for him forgiveness wasn’t so easy.
“We love him so much, I don’t know what he would have done if he would have taken my uncle,” Mr. Washington said.
Holmes said the shooting brought his family closer. Once out of the hospital, he called them together to say he loved them and to apologize for past wrongs.

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