School Project leads to free bus rides for veterans in Pinellas County

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — “It’s kind of an easy ask,” mentioned Steven Brown.

He had just one query for the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority: can our disabled veterans journey for free?

“One of my taglines for the entire project is, it’s the least we can do. And I feel like giving back to the veteran community is, like, it should be at the forefront of this country’s conversation,” he defined.

School Project leads to free bus rides for veterans in Pinellas County


He took that query immediately to the PSTA Board.

“I asked for a piece and I got the whole pie,” he laughed.

That pie: each and every unmarried veteran will get to journey the bus for free. An enormous accomplishment for Brown, that each one began with a faculty undertaking.

“We had to pick a policy that we wanted to change and implement, bring to the effective government body, and try to make it happen.”

Brown, a University of South Florida scholar, and veteran, knew straight away that he sought after to give again to his fellow veterans.

“I did an interview with a social worker at the VA who works over at Bay Pines, and we talked about the pressing need for people to have transportation to get back and forth to the VA.”

When the free rides release in November, about 73,000 veterans all over Pinellas can have free get admission to to the bus.

James Phillips, a Transit Planner for PSTA, stocks the fervour to give again to veterans. Working at the proposal used to be a large deal for him.

“It makes me feel great because, you know, this is for leisure trips, for life-sustaining trips, for employment. Or just, you know, I simply don’t feel like driving today.”

James Phillips is greater than a PTSA worker; he is a veteran too.

“This is just kind of me giving back to my brothers and sisters, who have also served, who have led the way before me,” he mentioned.

Phillips says there used to be a large number of analysis that went into making plans to release the brand new carrier.

“We look at what other agencies are doing. So we looked at Polk County and Pasco County. Our neighbors have already instituted programs like that. And we look across the nation as well,” he mentioned. “We kind of, you know, borrow and steal, you know, but it’s all it’s all for a good purpose to help veterans.”

PST may be in the center of figuring out simply what number of veterans use the bus.

School Project leads to free bus rides for veterans in Pinellas County


“Every four years, the agency does a community plus survey, where we survey the riders that are out there and are currently riding our systems. And right now, we’re doing that survey. Later this year, we’ll have a solid estimate of how many veterans are riding the bus,” he defined.

Phillips says extra adjustments may come to PSTA; it simply takes some initiative from the neighborhood.

“We always love community-led assists and led initiatives. And when the citizens come up with a really good idea like this, we have staff will go back and see how feasible this is, and we bring that to the board, and they’ll go out and vote and see if it’s a good idea or not,” mentioned Phillips.

Brown hopes this serves as evidence that adjust can occur; it simply begins with the appropriate query.

“There’s nothing stopping you from just procuring the information that you need in order to take up the initiatives and passions that you want to,” Brown mentioned.

Brown plans to journey the bus adjustments to the highest.

“This was a big win, but I don’t want to focus on the incremental wins. You know, I want to want to take this, if I can, all the way to the state level,” he mentioned.

Veterans will probably be in a position to get a bus cross for free rides beginning November 10. That’s the Marine Corps birthday and the day sooner than Veterans Day.

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