Scobey and Another Named to Jail Trust

Last week, Rev. Derrick Scobey, the pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, was one of two named to the Oklahoma County Jail Trust.

Adam Luck, the former chairman of the Oklahoma Pardon & Parole Board, was also named to the trust.

The Oklahoma County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to appoint the two.

While no one criticized the appointments, some did say the trust had failed to improve conditions at the jail since the trust took over managing the jail from the county sheriff two years ago, and Mark Faulk has been pushing for banning the trust.

“The trust has and always will be a scam,” said Christopher Johnston during the public comment period.

Rev. Scobey told the commissioners he will not be afraid to speak up when he sees injustice or something that needs to change.

He won’t “go along to get along.”

The minister said he had a “higher calling” to advocate for the county’s most vulnerable and that’s how he will approach is time on the trust.

Former U.S. Rep. J.C. Watts (Rep., Okla.) attended last week’s meeting of the commissioners to show his support for Rev. Scobey.

Mr. Luck said his previous appointments show that he will do the right thing as a member of the trust.

He told the commissioners he has been interested in improving conditions at the jail for a long time and that he does not take his appointment lightly.

“I’m familiar with the challenges associated with the jail and wanted to be a part of making it better, to the extent that that building can be better,” Mr. Luck said.

“There’s also a lot that I don’t know and I look forward to learning more.”

In January, Mr. Luck resigned from the parole board at the request of the governor.

Mr. Luck does not believe in the death penalty and voted for clemency for death row inmates.

“I hope that, if anything, by my service in state-appointed capacities, there will be some amount of trust that when it comes down to it, I’ll do what I feel like is right, regardless of the cost,” Mr. Luck said.

He is president of City Care, a shelter provider, which has literacy programs for children.

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