Smith is Seeking A Seat in State Senate

Nadine Stripling Smith

Nadine Stripling Smith, a retired schoolteacher, is a candidate for the Republican nomination for the District 40 seat in the State Senate.

She is on the Tuesday, June 28, ballot.

Mrs. Smith said she “is working to unify.”

“I’m tired of divisions,” she said, and said that “We, not me” is her campaign motto.

“I’m all about working to unify,” Mrs. Smith said.  “I’m tired of divisions.  It’s ‘We, not me,’ is my slogan.”

“I want to work for the betterment of my district.”

The State Senate candidate said she wants regulation of marijuana dispensaries and said she wants stronger regulation of marijuana dispensaries.

“It’s time for love to be used to solve our problems,” the candidate said.

Mrs. Smith characterized abortion as “spiritual wickedness,” and said she, if elected, will work to rid the state of corruption.

“It’s time for us to spread love to solve problems,” Mrs. Smith said.

“God will honor us if we follow His Word,” the candidate said.”

Mrs. Smith is a retired schoolteacher, who had 43 years of experience.

She was an elementary schoolteacher before her retirement.

She has a master of science degree in guidance and counseling, and is listed in Who’s Who Among Contemporary Achievers.

She received a scholarship from the Oklahoma Bar Association.

The founder of the Bridgeforth Show Choir, which she described as a violence prevention and performing arts group.

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