Social Media Honors George Floyd On One-Year Anniversary Of His Passing

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The tragic death of George Floyd at the hand of former police officer Derek Chauvin happened a year ago on this day (May 25), and galvanized a movement that was already growing in strength. Around all corners of social media, especially Twitter, many are remembering Floyd while continuing to champion his name and urge police reform as it relates to its response to Black citizens.

The world witnessed horrific Floyd’s death by way of cellphone video footage and the like, and his screams for help and apparent fear in his voice will ring in the heads of many forever. While Chauvin was served a form of justice, it does not remove the fact that a daughter is now without a father, and his entire family has to now pick up the pieces in the wake of his passing.

Floyd’s death wasn’t the only significant and jarring loss of 2020, as Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and far too many others to name were also tragically taken from their loved ones either by the hands of police or by white people who think they’re allowed to enforce the law simply because someone doesn’t look like them.

No matter the reason, Black lives seemingly have been in the crosshairs of police and trigger-happy racists in high number ever since the death of Trayvon Martin some years ago, which helped sparked the Black Lives Matter movement among other related groups and activism from the grassroots level and beyond.

Across Twitter, George Floyd’s name is trending with many, such as the aforementioned Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton, offering their thoughts via the social media network. We’ve got those reactions below.

#GeorgeFloyd: Social Media Honors George Floyd On One-Year Anniversary Of His Passing 
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