DeSantis says new laws will protect Floridians’ rights from ‘global elite’



(The Center Square) — Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a couple of bills into law on Thursday that he says are designed to prevent global elites from forcefully taking away the rights of Floridians.

House Bill 989 will increase protection for customers of financial institutions, from unwarranted cancellations and restrictions. The bill also reduces the Florida state government’s preference for larger banks by allowing community-based credit unions to hold public funds.

HB 1291 prohibits teacher preparation programs from indoctrinating and teaching prospective teachers distorted versions of significant historical events. The bill further prevents identity politics from being put into teaching methods.

“We pride ourselves for standing up for folks, and doing what’s right, particularly in the face of other people’s agenda outside of Florida, outside of the United States even,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis added that the movement is driven by an agenda to dissolve the way of life of everyday people.

“They want to phase out basically our way of life on a lot of these different things, and impose this, and so we nipped that in the bud yesterday with the cattle ranching [bill],” DeSantis said.

DeSantis noted that Florida was the first state in the U.S. to ban Chinese nationals affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party from buying land and added that other states have since followed suit.

“They want farmland, they want land near military bases, and they’re not doing that to contribute to America, they’re doing it for their own interests,” DeSantis said.

Florida was also the first state to ban central bank digital currencies from being recognized as legal currency. DeSantis noted this would be used to phase out cash and move to a digital dollar that would be subject to the federal government’s supervision.

“They’ll have supervision on how you use that, and that totally comes out of this playbook where you have these elites want to impose that down and they’ve bragged about it,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis said this bragging happened during World Economic Forum meetings in Davos, Switzerland. He also said panelists have openly stated that people would be cut off from their CBDC if they do things that don’t fit the elite’s agendas such as purchasing firearms or fuel.

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