Taking one more cut at new licensure rules



(The Center Square) – Crime convictions three years before applying for barber or cosmetologist licensure would not be held against the applicants under a proposal from an Orlando state senator.

Sen. Linda Stewart, D-Orlando, said she is “giving these important common sense policies that represent my constituency’s interests one last push towards the finish line.” Senate Bill 42 is similar to past efforts that have failed in the last two legislative sessions.

In addition, Stewart is proposing approval of program credits offered to inmates in certain correctional institutions, in order to satisfy training requirements to gain a license as a barber or cosmetologist.

Licensing is overseen by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Accoding to the bill text, governing board may not be able to deny the license on only on the grounds of a conviction that is more than three years prior to the application date. The bill, however, does not prevent a board from considering an applicant’s criminal history, if that history includes certain crimes in Florida statutes that relate to a forcible felony. This means crimes related to treason, murder, manslaughter, sexual battery, robbery, burglary, home-invasion, aggravated battery, arson, kidnapping, or the Florida Sexual Predators Act.

It also states that a board can only consider a criminal history that has been found to relate to the practice of the applicable profession, or to good moral character.



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