Georgia holds Tuesday presidential primary, with outcome effectively decided



(The Center Square) — Georgians will cast their ballots in the Democratic and Republican presidential primaries on Tuesday, an effectively meaningless election now that both party’s candidates are all but finalized.

However, in November’s election, Peach State voters will likely be highly coveted. While other candidates will appear on the Democratic and Republican primary ballots, the race is down to President Joe Biden on the Democratic side and former President Donald Trump on the Republican side.

On Saturday, Biden stopped in Atlanta, bringing his message to a state where voters helped propel him to the White House four years ago while Trump visited Rome in northwest Georgia.

In a statement, U.S. Rep. Nikema Williams, D-Georgia, chair of the Democratic Party, said Georgia Democrats were “thrilled to welcome President Biden to the Peach State, and for Georgians to see the stark contrast between President Biden and Donald Trump up close once again.

“While Trump puts his dangerous extremism on full display, President Biden will be reminding Georgians that he’s running to make life better for working families – from lowering costs to creating jobs to fighting to protect reproductive freedom,” Williams added.

However, not everyone is as bullish on Biden’s economic record.

“As President Biden takes an apparent victory lap following his State of the Union address and continues to promote ‘Bidenomics,’ we remain committed to exposing the facts about the Biden-Harris Administration’s failed agenda,” Americans for Prosperity-GA State Director Tony West said in a statement. “These policies have led to record-high inflation rates, lower wages for working-class Georgians, and resulted in unnecessary hardship for Americans across the country.

“President Biden’s State of the Union address was nothing more than a campaign speech that is being continued in Atlanta,” West added.

A spokesperson for Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger did not respond to a request to confirm the cost of Tuesday’s primary. However, the state’s top election official lauded lawmakers for passing Senate Bill 368.

“With open borders, the number one issue facing Georgia’s elections is foreign interference in our campaigns,” Raffensperger said in a statement last week. “I applaud the House Judiciary Committee for passing SB368, banning foreign funding in elections and campaigns and ensuring that political consultants and lobbyists who are agents of foreign entities register and disclose their work to the state.

“Foreign actors shouldn’t be allowed to use dark money or American citizens as willing cut-outs to avoid disclosure of their goals and intentions in influencing the American political system,” Raffensperger added. “We need transparency from state lobbyists and political consultants who are acting as foreign agents.”

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