Bishop: Reckoning is coming for gangster government



(The Center Square) – Nine Republican members of Congress representing North Carolina spoke favorably about the outcome of a trial Thursday in New York involving former President Donald Trump.

Seven opined either via press statements or social media posts.

Rep. Dan Bishop said, “Today’s verdict is a travesty for America. This was a rigged trial designed for one outcome: to ‘Get Trump.’ Leftists would rather shred the Constitution and destroy the rule of law than face Trump in a fair fight. Americans see through the farce. Lawfare has reached its Waterloo. A reckoning is coming for gangster government.”

Rep. David Rouzer said, “This trial, comprised of weak evidence, questionable witnesses, and bent rules, was a failure of what is supposed to be an impartial judicial process. Even those who do not like Trump do not want to see a man railroaded by the legal system for political purposes, which is unprecedented in our country.”

Rep. Virginia Foxx, speaking of District Attorney Alvin Bragg, said, “To curry the favor of political allies, DA Bragg took it upon himself to engage in brazen legal alchemy that has set a very damning precedent – the verdicts levied against President Trump are steeped in partisan animus. This decision will inevitably be thrown out by an appeal, but the damage will be done. The rule of law has long served as the foundation for our country, but today, a dark, new chapter has been opened – one where judicial warfare is given a higher priority than fairness.”

Rep. Dr. Greg Murphy, recovering from successful surgery on a tumor, said, “Today’s verdict against President Trump is the product of seven years of Democrats lying, fabricating and grasping at anything to take him down. We are officially now a banana republic.”

Sen. Thom Tillis said, “From the beginning, it was clear that a radical, politically motivated state prosecutor was using the full weight of his office to go after President Trump at the same time he turned a blind eye to violent criminals.”

Sen. Ted Budd said, “From the start, this was a rigged charade designed to weaponize the justice system to interfere in the presidential election and hurt President Trump. If Americans can be found guilty of a crime based on underlying allegations that were never charged, all of our Constitutional rights are at risk.”

Rep. Richard Hudson didn’t comment but did retweet House GOP Majority Whip Tom Emmer. He said, “Democrats just pulled off the biggest sham in U.S. history. The American people won’t forget this corrupt, two-tiered system of justice and will issue the real verdict at the ballot box in November.”

Late Thursday night, statements or social posts were not found for Republican Reps. Chuck Edwards or Patrick McHenry.

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