Building code law for temporary movie sets amended



(The Center Square) – Eleven bills, including one involving the motion picture industry, were signed into law on Monday by Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper.

Two originated in the Senate, and nine came from the House of Representatives.

The bill involving movie sets also included changes to statutes involving radon program proficiency and the Department of Health and Human Sciences and licensure for plumbing and heating.

House Bill 782 amended General Statute 143-138(b20) to “exempt from use and occupancy classification” under the state building code any “buildings used for temporary motion picture, television, and theater stage sets and scenery.” Previously, even if used for less than a year, the fire code inspector examined it.

The legislation also included law for DHHS on adopting temporary and permanent radon proficiency program approval rules, rulemaking authority and transitional provisions, and changes to acceptable experience for Class II plumbing and heating qualifications.

The licensure change is retroactive to last Saturday; the other changes became effective with Monday’s signing.

Other bills signed into law included:

Senate Bill 722: Child Care Flexibilities.

House Bill 203: DST Technical Corrections.

House Bill 181: Unclaimed Property Division Changes.

House Bill 628: Amend On-Site Wastewater/Environment Statutes.

House Bill 814: Emergency Management Mods.

House Bill 173: Treasury Administrative Changes Act.

House Bill 387: Medal of Valor Award for First Responders.

House Bill 484: Mental Health Confidential Info. Disclosure.

House Bill 674: Child Advocacy Centers/Share Information.

Senate Bill 91: Amend Rule 4/Acceptance of Service.

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