Opposition to Tennessee red flag law, special session grows



(The Center Square) – Opposition to a Tennessee special session where red flag gun legislation is set to be considered has continued.

The Tennessee Faith and Freedom Coalition and country music artist John Rich both objected to the legislation and Aug. 21 special session.

“The Governor of TN is trying to strong arm Representatives to vote for a “rebranded” Red Flag Law in our state,” Rich wrote. “Can you believe that? Just another RINO in sheep’s clothing. This attempt at disarming Tennesseans will fail, I promise you. Share your thoughts and tag: #RedFlagDown”

The Faith and Freedom Coalition wrote to Lee, asking for him to cancel the special session and wait until January’s regular session to consider new legislation.

“As you and the public are aware, that heinous act of the murder of six individuals has been politicized by far Left activists and anti-Second Amendment groups funded by Leftist interests, the Biden administration, Marxist agitators in the General Assembly who nearly started a riot over legislatures lack of desire to take away our Second Amendment constitutional rights – namely Justin Jones, Justin Pearson, and Gloria Johnson, and others who wish to make every inroad they can in order to fulfil their ultimate goal of eliminating the constitutional protections that exist in the Second Amendment,” the group wrote.

The group credited House Majority Leader William Lamberth with blocking a red flag law proposal from Rep. Bob Freeman, D-Nashville, from being heard by voting against it in the Tennessee House Delayed Bills Committee.

Meanwhile, Sen. Heidi Campbell, D-Nashville, and Rep. Antonio Parkinson, D-Memphis, met with Lee recently over gun legislation.

Lee has proposed a bill for a temporary mental health order of protection but that bill has not received the support of House Republicans, who have also called for the release of the writings of the Covenant School shooter before the special session.

Campbell has said she will propose bills to expand background checks, limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds or less, ban assault weapons and bump stocks, enforce guns-in-trunks law and also , repeal permitless carry, add a 72-hour firearm purchase waiting period and create a wreckless endangerment felony for failing to secure firearms if a child younger than 13 gains possession, among other proposals.

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