Poll: Tennessee residents are doing worse than in 2022



(The Center Square) – While Tennessee residents say they believe overall things are going well in the state, they also say they are worse off than a year before in a recent poll.

A Beacon Center poll of 1,120 residents across the political spectrum said that 55% were satisfied with how things are going in the state while 38% are not satisfied.

But just 14% of Tennessee residents said they are better off than last year while 46% said that they are worse off than at the same time in 2022 and 41% said they were the same.

The poll asked residents a wide variety of questions between June 14 and June 22.

Of those polled, 31% said that paying their mortgage or rent was a regular concern while 37% said it was a concern sometimes and 32% said it was rarely or never a concern.

The poll specifically pointed to earlier in the year, when Tennessee House Republicans voted to expel both Rep. Justin Jones, D-Nashville, and Justin Pearson, D-Memphis, after the pair broke House rules during a protest for gun control laws.

Just 39% of those polled supported the expulsion while 17% did not have an opinion and 39% also disapproved of the decision. Of those polled, 61% of Republicans approved the move and 15% disapproved while just 23% of Democrats approved the move and 63% disapproved.

The poll also asked if Tennessee was a good model for other states, with 53% saying no and 38% saying yes. The public said that 34% disapproved how the Tennessee Legislature was doing while 23% approved.

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