Poll: Tennessee residents overwhelmingly support Trump for president



(The Center Square) – Tennessee residents support Donald Trump for president in 2024 by a wide margin, according to a new, wide-ranging poll of 1,120 Tennessee residents from Beacon Center.

Trump holds a 49 percentage-point lead over Ron DeSantis with 61% supporting Trump and 12% supporting DeSantis amongst Republicans. Trump also holds a 21 percentage-point lead over Joe Biden in the state, with 55% of the support compared to Biden’s 36%.

If it were a race between Biden and DeSantis, Tennessee voters supported DeSantis with 52% of the vote and Biden with 36%.

“These primary results reflect what we’ve seen in national polls for months, that a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is the most likely scenario in 2024,” said Beacon spokesman Mark Cunningham. “It is interesting that Trump fares substantially better against Biden than Ron DeSantis does, and the change came almost exclusively from Republican voters who say they would vote for Trump as their nominee but would not vote at all if DeSantis were the nominee.”

When asked about the decision to indict Trump, 43% approved of the move while 44% disapproved. Of those who voted for Trump in 2020, 17% approved of the decision to indict the former president while 72% disapproved.

The poll also asked Tennessee residents about Bud Light and a recent boycott after the company used transgender woman Dylan Mulvaney for a marketing campaign.

The poll showed that 37% of the Republicans who said they used to drink the beer stopped drinking it after the campaign and only 10% of those Republicans who stopped said they would drink it again. Only 2% of Democrats said they stopped drinking Bud Light due to the marketing campaign.

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