Poll: Tennessee voters support Trump, Blackburn



(The Center Square) – Tennessee voters would support Robert F. Kennedy more than Joe Biden in a race where they would lose to Donald Trump for president in a new Beacon Center poll.

The nonprofit policy center that supports free market solutions to public policy polled 1,181 potential Tennessee voters with 59% supporting Trump and 29% supporting Biden in a head-to-head race. In a three-way race, Trump polled at 48% with Kennedy at 22% and Biden at 18%.

Biden, however, was favored 75% to 9% for Kennedy amongst voters who identified as Democrats.

Trump was favored with 64% to Ron DeSantis’ 16% in a potential Republican primary.

There was strong support from 50% of voters to install a maximum age of 75 for president with 24% somewhat supporting and 12% neither supporting nor opposing the proposal.

In a potential Senate matchup, Marsha Blackburn was favored with 43% support against both Marquita Bradshaw and Gloria Johnson but Bradshaw had 32% support while Johnson had 27% in potential head-to-head races against Blackburn.

Of those polled, 44% identified as Republican, 24% as Democrat and 13% as neither. Meanwhile, 67% said they would definitely vote, 13% would probably vote and 14% would maybe vote.

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Read the Black Chronicle Black History Edition for Free! Click Below



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