Arizona Republicans demand meeting with Gov. Katie Hobbs over ‘abuse of power’



(The Center Square) – Following Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs’ executive order to outlaw “extradition requests” from states seeking to prosecute individuals who seek abortion procedures, state Republicans are pushing back.

In a letter to the governor on June 26, Committee on Director Nominations Chairman Jake Hoffman called Hobbs’ executive action “a blatant disregard for constitutional separation of powers.”

Hoffman also called off Tuesday’s committee hearing “with support of the Republican Majority serving on the committee, to determine Hobbs’ future intentions to further act beyond her authority,” according to a Senate press release.

Instead, Hoffman and other Republican lawmakers requested an immediate meeting with Hobbs to discuss “future legally questionable overreach her office intends to issue.”

Hobbs’ executive order, signed June 23, instructs state agencies to refrain from participating in any inquiries related to supporting or accessing lawful reproductive healthcare within Arizona. Moreover, Arizona will reject extradition appeals from other states aiming to prosecute individuals involved in the provision, assistance, pursuit, or receipt of lawful abortion services in the state.

The move comes just after the one year anniversary of the overturning of Roe v. Wade on June 23, which put the legality of abortions to each state legislature to decide on instead.

“All Arizonans deserve equitable access to health services that affirm their individual rights and reproductive freedom, respect their privacy, and support their sexual and reproductive health,” according to the executive order.

Hoffman called the order a “reckless abuse of power.”

“The Senate Committee on Director Nominations was created to honestly, accurately and thoroughly vet directors appointed by the Governor to critical state agencies so that only highly qualified, non- partisan individuals seeking only to serve the best interests of our citizens within the confines of these roles are confirmed,” Hoffman’s statement read. “Their duty is to follow statute as prescribed by the Legislature. We are now forced to redirect our attention, from confirming directors and creating good policy for the people of Arizona, to examining the fallout of Hobbs’ unconstitutional maneuver, as well as the likelihood of future overreaches of her authority.”

Hobbs said she made a “promise to Arizonans” that she “would do everything in my power to protect reproductive freedom.”

“I will not allow extreme and out of touch politicians to get in the way of the fundamental right Arizonans have to make decisions about their own bodies and futures,” Hobbs said in a statement June 23. “I will continue to fight to expand access to safe and legal abortion in any way that I can.”

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