CPAC scorecard: Arizona is nation’s most divided legislature



(The Center Square) – A conservative group has determined that Arizona holds the nation’s most divided state legislature.

The Conservative Political Action Committee Foundation’s scorecard shows that Arizona’s Democrats and Republicans have the highest difference in ratings between each party compared to any other state legislature.

The group’s scorecard looks at how lawmakers voted on 28 bills about issues ranging from national security, the economy, elections, and social issues.

Republicans averaged a 91% rating. Sens. Jake Hoffman and Anthony Kern received 100% in the Senate. Reps. Joseph Chaplik, Barbara Parker, Jacqueline Parker, Alexander Kolodin, and Neal Carter also received 100%.

Meanwhile, Democrats in both chambers averaged 1%. Sen. Sally Ann Gonzales was the highest-rated senator with 9%, and Rep. Lydia Hernandez got the highest House Democrat score of 7%. Many Democrats received a 0%.

CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp criticized Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs, as many of the bills in the scorecard received the veto stamp from her.

“Governor Katie Hobbs’ record proves her to be an open border radical who supports drag shows for minors and will work to prevent any safeguards to elections in order to cling onto power,” Schlapp said in a statement.

“Last session made it clear that Governor Hobbs will stop at nothing to veto even the most sensible policies that arrive at her desk,” he added.

Republicans currently hold a narrow majority in both chambers, with 31-28 in the House with one Democratic vacancy, and 16-14 in the Senate. The 2024 election with be critical for both parties, as it will guide the next two years of Hobbs’ term as governor. She vetoed 143 bills in the 2023 legislative session, according to the Arizona Capitol Times.

In Hobbs’ State of the State earlier this month, she focused on issues including the border and economic development, but she also highlighted her desire for greater restrictions on the universal Empowerment Scholarship Account program. Republican leadership said that many of her ideas will not be successful in the legislature.



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