Hobbs voices opposition to Republican immigration bills



(The Center Square) – Arizona Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs is vocalizing her opposition to a few immigration-related bills going through the state legislature.

In a statement on Monday morning, Hobbs criticized House Concurrent Resolution 2060, which is a push to have voters decide on a tightening of e-verify laws to crack down on illegal migrant labor, as well as Senate Bill 1231 and House Bill 2821, as they also propose stringent measures against people crossing into Arizona from Mexico besides through a legal port of entry.

The governor emphasized that she is also in disagreement with how the Biden administration has been managing the border crisis.

“Every Arizonan is frustrated by the federal government’s failure to secure our border. But passing job killing, anti-business bills that demonize our communities is not the solution. Instead of securing our border, these bills will simply raise costs, hurt our farmers, put Arizona entrepreneurs out of business, and destroy jobs for countless working class Arizonans,” Hobbs said.

Hobbs also touted the actions she has taken herself in hopes of slowing illegal immigration at the southern border in Arizona.

“I have taken action to help communities on the border, supporting law enforcement with tens of millions of dollars to keep our communities safe, mobilizing the National Guard, and stopping street releases of migrants. The answer to securing the border is more resources for border patrol and law enforcement in these communities, not job killing, anti-immigrant legislation meant to score cheap political points,” she continued.

HCR 2060 and HB 2821 both passed the House last week. SB 1231, better known as the “Arizona Border Invasion Act” passed the Senate last week as well.

The governor’s office told The Center Square that she intends to veto SB 1231 and called it “unconstitutional.” The bill’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Janae Shamp, said the bill is one measure necessary to counter the policy from the federal government.

“My message is: Please sign this. Please give our law enforcement a tool. Take the handcuffs off of them,” Shamp said, directed at Hobbs.

Although the surge of migrants was once primarily in Texas, Arizona and California are now seeing the brunt of encounters in recent months, The Center Square reported earlier this month. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has taken numerous measures to curb illegal border crossings into his state, such as Operation Lone Star, and some of those actions have led to lawsuits from the federal government.

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