Rep. Grantham praises Hobbs’ decision to let ‘tamale bill’ become law



(The Center Square) – An expanded cottage food law to include hot foods such as tamales was signed by Gov. Katie Hobbs on Friday.

This is the second attempt to get the “tamale bill” passed. Last year, the governor shot the bill down, which triggered a failed veto override effort in the state House of Representatives, The Center Square reported.

In an interview with The Center Square Rep. Travis Grantham, R-Gilbert, praised her signature on House Bill 2042, which he sponsored.

“I’m very happy that she signed the bill this year. The bill isn’t a whole lot different than last year. We did make some minor tweaks,” he said. “I think last year the governor made a mistake. I think she knows it, and I think this year she chose to sign the bill to try to undo that.”

In her veto letter last year, the governor outlined public health concerns.

“It fails to establish sufficient minimum standards for inspection or certification of home-based food businesses, and could limit the ability of ADHS to investigate food-borne disease outbreaks,” Hobbs’ veto letter said at the time of vetoing House Bill 2509.

This year, the bill includes more regulations by comparison, such as requiring a food handler’s license.

“It’s a huge win for freedom, and it is a huge win for people who supplement their incomes or just enjoy selling products that they make, or maybe have made in their family and their traditions for decades. They don’t have to worry about being punished or prosecuted for it now,” Grantham added.

There were questions looming about whether or not Hobbs would sign the bill this time around because only a single Democratic senator voted for the legislation. There appeared to be a push for a particular Democratic-backed amendment that never came to be. However, the bill passed the House unanimously.

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