Suspect in Triple Murder Confesses, State Agency Notes

CHICKASHA–A triple murder suspect has confessed, the Oklahoma state Bureau of Investigation reported, saying the suspect told investigators he killed a neighbor first and cut her heart out to eat at his home.

“He took the heart back to 214 W. Minnesota Ave.” an agent with the OSBI told a judge in a request for a search warrant.

“He cooked the heart with potatoes to feed to his family to release the demons,” the agent wrote.

Lawrence Paul Anderson is accused of killing the neighbor at her home and then going to his home, and killing his uncle and a 4-year-old girl on Feb. 9.

He also is accused of stabbing his aunt.

She survived.

The case already has sparked outrage because the repeat felon had been released early from prison in January. 

He had been sentenced in 2017 to serve 20 years behind bars, but got out after Gov. Kevin Stitt commuted his time.

The governor commuted the sentence to nine years at the recommendation of the Oklahoma Pardon & Parole Board. Mr. Anderson served a little more than three years. 

The triple murder suspect had been staying with his uncle, Leon Pye, and aunt, Delsie Pye, since his release.

“This has to be addressed by the Legislature…. sooner rather than later…. because more people are going to get killed,” Grady County District Attorney Jason Hicks said.

The prosecutor plans to charge Mr. Anderson, 42, on Tuesday. 

The death penalty “is on the table,” the prosecutor said.

Chickasha police went to 214 W. Minnesota on Feb. 9 after a woman called 911 for help. 

An officer forced his way into the house after hearing a woman yelling.   Inside they found Leon Pye, 67, already dead and his granddaughter, Kaeos Yates, injured. 

“She was pronounced deceased in the ambulance on scene,” the OSBI agent wrote in the search warrant request.

Delsie Pye suffered stab wounds to both eyes, the OSBI reported.

Mr. Anderson was arrested inside the Pye home.  “Chickasha Police Officers observed Anderson throwing up in the living room into some pillows,” the OSBI agent wrote.

The third death was discovered Feb. 11 after the OSBI interviewed Mr. Anderson at an Oklahoma City hospital, where he was being treated for injuries. 

“He confessed to going to 227 W. Minnesota Ave.,” the agent wrote.

 “He used his shoulder to knock in the back door.   There were two German Shepherd dogs in the house. 

“Anderson advised he killed the female resident and cut her heart out.”

The OSBI on Friday identified the neighbor as Andrea Lynn Blankenship, 41.

In the request for a search warrant, the OSBI told a judge agents wanted to collect as evidence from the Pye home “pots, pans and any utensils for cooking.”

Mr. Anderson was first sentenced to prison in Oklahoma in 2006 for four years for attacking his girlfriend, pointing a gun at her and possessing crack cocaine with the intent to distribute, records say.

He was out in less than two years.

He went back to prison in 2012 to serve a 15-year sentence for selling crack cocaine near an elementary school in Chickasha. 

He was ordered to spend 20 years on probation after his release,  but  was out in less than five years and four months.

The triple-murder suspect  was sent back to prison in Dec. 2017 to serve 20 more years when a judge revoked his probation in full and sentenced him for new crimes.

Mr. Anderson  had been out less than five months in 2017 when police arrested him after he confronted a woman at her car in a church parking lot. 

Police reported he was carrying a handgun, which was illegal for him to have because of his past convictions.

At the jail, a detention officer found a vial of PCP hidden in his underwear. 

He pleaded guilty to gun and drug offenses.

Investigators are trying to determine if Mr. Anderson was under the influence of drugs on Feb. 9.

At the time of his guilty plea in 2017, he told the judge he took bipolar medication.

He was released from the hospital Feb. 15 and is being held at the Grady County Jail.

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