Tamar Braxton Has Some Concerns About Toni Braxton (Allegedly!) Not Washing Meat Before Cooking


Love Is Blind After The Altar is a huge hit on Netflix. However, one scene has caused some chatter on social media — Lauren questioning her husband Cam about not washing chicken before cooking. Even Tamar Braxton hilariously sounded off, accusing her sister Toni of not washing her meat.

In case you missed it, Lauren says to Cam,, “Did you wash that chicken?” They then debate if chicken should be washed before cooking and Cam’s dad, Bill, even chimed in, saying, “Well you know you do cook it. So it’s at a really high temperature.”

Cam insists that you don’t need to wash your chicken, according to “government organizations.” Lauren says, “I don’t trust them!”

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The clip has gone viral and even Tamar Braxton commented, writing, “Toni don’t wash her meat. That’s why I’ll pass.”

Shots fired! Miss Toni Braxton has yet to respond but we definitely need details.

See the funny clip below of Lauren and Cam.


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