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The holidays are here, which means gamers are looking forward to giving and receiving new games, as well as having some downtime to play. This especially applies to people who love cozy games. Cozy games are usually cute, low stress and a good way to take up time. So, whether you are a gamer or you love a gamer, here are 10 cozy games you should get into this season (game availability may vary by platform). 

1. The Grinch Christmas Adventures 

It’s not Christmas time without a million mentions and references of the Grinch. We know the story, and we pass it down to our children, and so on. The Grinch stole Christmas to bring misery to all of Whoville. At the end of that tale, he has a change of heart and learns to change his ways, but wouldn’t it be fun to get an up close and personal look at life from his perspective? That’s basically what this game provides. Have fun as you sneak around, as the Grinch, stealing presents from Whoville. 

2. Suika Game/The Watermelon Game 

The Watermelon Game is a cheap cozy game at $3.00 in the download shop, and it’s more addictive than you might think. It’s a matching game where the goal is to make as many watermelons as you can by combining fruit without the fruit jar overflowing. However, with some twists and turns making game play more difficult, it’s not as easy as you might think. 

3. Spiritfarer

This game is all about the circle of life, and while it’s pretty lighthearted, you might have some misty-eyed moments. Basically, the player takes on the role of Stella, who along with her cat, takes over for the original Spiritfarer. The Spiritfarer has the sacred job of taking care of spirits and ushering them safely and peacefully into the afterlife after they journey to the Everdoor.

4. Killer Frequency

One might argue that Killer Frequency isn’t a cozy game, but it is, at least for nostalgic horror enthusiasts. This game follows radio host Forrest Nash as he is the only beacon of hope in a small town under siege by the Whistling Man. The player role plays as Forrest, in this nod to 80s slasher core, as he is holed up in the radio station with his co-host, answering phones from frantic callers who can’t get through to 911, and trying to help them survive through an array of choose your own adventure-style decisions that could mean life or death. 

5. Fae Farm

Fae Farm is the typical cozy game people think of. In this charming escape, you build your own home in the enchanted land of Azoria. As you grow your homestead you’ll meet adorable characters and infuse magic into the development of this whimsical world. 

6. Disney’s Dreamlight Valley 

In Dreamlight Valley, you get to rebuild the valley after it falls into darkness, with the help of some of your favorite Disney friends along the way. This fall, Nintendo has upped the cozy by adding multiplayer mode, new worlds, and new characters to join the fun. 

7. Little Friends Dogs & Cats 

In this very adorable, very simple game, you literally take care of cats and dogs. It’s a relaxing play that is suitable for gamers of all ages. 

8. Song of Nunu: A League of Legends 

In this fantastical game, we find a little boy searching for his mother with the help of his friend, a giant beast named Willump. The pair of friends who share a love of snowball fights have to work together to escape danger and nuisances on their quest through ice and snow. 

9. Fashion Dreamer 

This game is set in a cute virtual world where you can set up your own brand and create your own designs, as you work to become the greatest fashion designer in the world. You can also make friends with other spring fashion designers by liking their outfits and wearing their styles. 

10. Garfield Lasagna Party 

Games are even more fun when you play with family and friends. In this game, there are 32 mini-games you can play as Garfield and his friends as you compete in various challenges in a massive lasagna-themed party.  

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