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Sierra Canyon High School basketball media daay

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Bronny James Jr, the eldest son of LeBron James, had the internet in a tizzy last week after posting pictures of him going to his high school prom.

Typical teenagers don’t have to worry about too much. Most are carefree and only concern themselves with tomorrow’s outfit or studying for upcoming final exams. By the end of the year, however, most of their focus turns to one thing – who are you taking to the prom?

When your dad is the most famous basketball player in the world – scratch that – when your dad is one of the most famous people on planet Earth, your life as a high school baller flows a little different than most.

Bronny appears to be fast-tracked for a career in the NBA. Last week he got a little taste of what life will be like when he’s hooping on the game’s biggest stage. After pictures of Bronny’s prom date went viral, folks all over social media chimed in.

Some commenters were upset that Bronny’s prom date was white.

For those unaware, Bronny attends Sierra Canyon School. A private, co-ed, K-12 establishment nestled in the ritzy Chatsworth area of Los Angeles, California. While I’m sure the school does the best it can with diversity, I’m willing to bet there are slim pickings in regards to race when it comes to deciding who you want to date. And even if there isn’t, he shouldn’t have to defend or explain anything about his personal life.

Grown men and women trying to force him to do otherwise is simply out of bounds.

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Bronny James Jr’s Prom Date Has Twitter Flipping Out 
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