Top-Seeded Tennis Player Slapped Winning Opponent in Similar Fashion as Will Smith Did to Chris Rock at the Oscars

A top-seeded tennis player was caught on video giving a face slap to his opponent after the match was over, bringing the memory of the recent Will Smith/Chris Rock altercation from last week to mind.

According to Essentially Sports, after a recent tennis match between two players in Ghana, top-seeded French tennis player, Michael Kouame, in a similar fashion to Smith, slapped his opponent, Raphael Nii Ankrah after losing a match to him.

At the ITF Juniors tournament taking place in Accra, Ghana, the top-seeded French tennis player Kouame shocked his opponent, Nii Ankrah, and everyone viewing the end of the game. He lost the tennis match after game scores of 2-6, 7-6, 6-7. As the two players went to shake hands as tennis players typically do after the completion of their match, Kouame, surprisingly grabbed Ankrah’s hand and with his free one, slapped him straight in the face with no provocation.

Since Ankrah is a local player, it caused a brawl to take place at the stadium as several spectators partook in going to defend the tennis player.

People are speculating that Kouame may have felt comfortable due to the recent controversy that took place at the Oscars last week.

Comedian Chris Rock, while on stage at the Oscar presentation, had jokingly referred to Jada Pinkett-Smith, who was sporting a bald head, as G.I. Jane (Demi Moore starred in the movie and wore her head bald for the role).

That resulted in Will Smith defending his wife by storming the Oscars stage and slapping Rock.

Let’s hope people don’t use that moment as an opportunity to beat up other folks because this is getting out of hand.


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