Town Annexes Businesses

FOREST PARK—The town of Forest Park has annexed three businesses to create the town’s first commercial district, according to Mayor George H. Smith.

The town, a suburb of Oklahoma City, has long prided itself in being a tree-enshrouded residential community.

The new commercial district is slightly less than three-quarters of a mile, Mayor Smith said, pointing out that Forest Park is 2.2 sq. miles.

In February, the town annexed the Vance Bros. Corp. (4908 N. Bryan St.), Fireworks Warehouse (2820 NE 50th St.) and City Side Farms (3100 NE 50th St.).

The newly-annexed commercial properties are located near Oklahoma City’s Adventure District, which includes the Oklahoma City Zoo, the Science Museum of Oklahoma, and the U.S. Softball Hall of Fame.

The Fireworks Warehouse has local and national customers, and sells seasonal fireworks, Halloween costumes, wedding sparklers, hand sanitizers and other items.

The business was established in 2007.

City Side Farms, founded in 2020, sells fresh farm produce and foods in the metropolitan area, as well as homemade cinnamon rolls.

Specializing in asphalt application and installation, Vance Bros has operated for nearly a century and is one of the major suppliers of asphalt technology, material, training, and equipment in that industry.

Town trustees are Thomas Walton (Ward 1), Darlene Davis (Ward 2), Mayor Smith (Ward 3), William James (Ward 4) and Vice Mayor Elizabeth Britt (Ward 5).

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