Training Camp Quotes of the Day – Day 8

Training Camp Quotes of the Day – Day 8 | Oklahoma City Thunder

Coach Daigneault

“(Al Horford) has had an incredible career to this point. He’s yet another guy that we’re extremely fortunate that we’re able to have a player of his caliber, a person of his caliber in our organization. It just layers onto the legacy that exists here and all the great players that have come through here before. Al and George Hill are two guys that I would say are in that category where we’re extremely fortunate that they’re here and they’re going to add tremendous value to the organization while they’re here. So we’re really looking forward to getting started with him.

We had an opening here and (assistant coach Kameron Woods) seemed like a good fit. Having guys like him, Eric Maynor and Mike Wilks – in the past we’ve had Royal Ivey – guys that have not only played, but played here and that really appreciate and understand the organization, there’s tremendous value in that. Kam brings that to the table as well.”

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