Trump got nearly half of America to vote for him and it’s heartbreaking

Michael J. Stern

That is going to be a scorched earth column, so buckle up.

Sure, former Vice President Joe Biden could squeak out a victory. However even when he does, weve been slapped with the heartbreaking actuality that almost half our nation voted for President Donald Trump after spending 4 years watching him spew unbridled bigotry, interact in blatant corruption, and inform so many lies youd want a magnifying glass to learn the Washington Submit’s operating listing of false and deceptive claims.

My finest buddy simply referred to as in disgust to say he didn’t acknowledge this nation. Sadly, I do.Its the identical nation that constructed itself largely on the backs of slaves who had their most simple human rights stolen and whose descendants, greater than 150 years after emancipation, nonetheless carry the burden of the chains that held them down.

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