Tulsa Pastor Mike Todd Rubbed Spit In Man’s Face During Sermon


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Pastor Mike Todd

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Tulsa Pastor Mike Todd is trending nationwide after footage of him spitting in a man’s face, and rubbing it in, went viral. It goes without saying that Twitter had plenty of thoughts, mostly about clout chasing, suspect preachers and putting hands on the man of the cloth.

During a sermon at the Transformation Church in Tulsa on Sunday (January 16),  Todd could be seen wiping his spit on the face of a parishioner while noting that “receiving God’s vision can sometimes be nasty.”

Sure, but how about you catch these hands, bruh? Also, you do know there’s whole pandemic outside, right?

The crowd in attendance could audibly be heard gasping. While Christians can be the most divided of the bunch, the overall consensus is leaning toward Pastor Todd having lost his ever-loving mind.

See for yourself in the reactions below.


God Awful: Tulsa Pastor Mike Todd Rubbed Spit In Man’s Face, Black Twitter Says Nah Bruh 
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1. But but but wait it gets worse…

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