Twin brothers, one fighting Leukemia, to get drive-thru birthday party

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. — Joy, love, power and unity, are the phrases that come to thoughts when folks see Robert and Laura Roush and their 6-year-old twin boys Donald and John.

“We’re a family with strong faith,” stated Robert.

It’s been their information via some fairly tough moments, particularly when their boys had been born two months early.

“We learned from the very beginning of their life how to divide and conquer,” Robert stated. “And how to have a plan.”

They had to depend on that when the pandemic hit, then when their house burned, and once more on May 24 when their son John was identified with B-Cell Leukemia.

“It was devastating,” Robert stated. “When you hear the C-word used in the same sentence with your child’s name it’s a feeling you could never prepare for.”

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine we’d be going through this,” stated Laura.

After spending a number of weeks within the hospital, John is again house sleeping in the identical room and enjoying together with his twin brother. He nonetheless has to go to the hospital each week for chemotherapy and he’ll have to be house schooled for not less than the primary six months of the brand new college 12 months. Through all of it, John stays energized, comfortable and powerful.

Twin brothers, one fighting Leukemia, get drive-thru birthday party credit Robert and Laura roush.png

Robert and Laura Roush

“His strength is the guiding post for all of us. He is so strong and so brave,” Laura said. “He handles all of this with such grace.”

They normally go on a family trip to celebrate the boys’ birthday but they can’t do that this year. They also can’t have a regular party, so their parents and the community are planning a big drive-thru birthday bash. Pasco Fire will be there, and businesses have donated food, cakes, toys, signs, and everyone is asked to drive by and say happy birthday to the brothers. They are turning the big 7.

“The community has instill a lot of strength in us and a lot of hope,” said Robert.

Sadly there’s a chance Donald could be diagnosed as well, because Leukemia is genetic, so prayers are still very much needed for the Roush family.

“We’ve actually sat down as a family and talked about it,” Robert said. “But, right now he’s okay. His numbers are good. But it is something that will be in the back of our head for the next two years.”

If you would like to attend the party, it is planned for Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Hedgerow Dr. in Wesley Chapel.

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