Tyler Perry’s New Docuseries Sheds Light On The Story Of Black Man Who Disappeared After Entering Cop Car

Tyler Perry serves as an executive producer of the first two episodes of the Paramount+ docuseries Never Seen Again. The poignant series interviews multiple family members to discuss the disappearance of their loved ones, according to Vibe. 

According to a press release, Perry highlights the story of “a 27-year-old Black man named Terrance Williams disappeared in Naples, Fla. in 2004 after he was last seen getting into a Collier County sheriff’s patrol car. At first, the officer said he never met Williams, but under questioning from police investigators, he changed his story, saying the young man had car troubles and he simply gave him a ride to a gas station. When it comes to light that a second man, a young Mexican immigrant named Felipe Santos, disappeared after getting into the same officer’s car, both Williams’ desperate mother and Perry fear something far more sinister occurred. Some have even speculated that the sheriff went rogue and abandoned each man in the alligator-infested Everglades nearby.”

“I was shocked and outraged,” said Perry in a statement. “I had to get involved. I immediately thought, ‘What can I do to help? What can I do to bring attention to this?” 

“They’re both disappearing with the same deputy after being put in the same deputy’s car,” Perry added. “If this is a coincidence, then he is the most unlucky man in the world, that this could actually be something that happened to him twice. I just don’t see how that is possible. And I think that anybody in law enforcement can look at this and go, ‘What happened to them?’”

The series encourages audiences to become active in helping the families of the missing to search for their vanished loved ones by contacting police departments and Crime Stoppers, according to Variety.

“I just wish people would take a moment and just imagine somebody you love disappears,” he persuades. “Just ripped away from you with no answers.”

Efran Films Canada produced the series for See It Now Studios, Variety reports.

The first episode of Never Seen Again will be available to viewers for free from Saturday, May 7 to Monday, May 10, on the CBS News app. The entire first season will be available for streaming Tuesday, May 10, on Paramount+, according to Vibe. 


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