Urban League Head Calls For Support of Bond Issue

The president of the Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City said she is supporting the bond issue on the Tuesday, Nov. 8, ballot that will go to the Oklahoma City Public School District and is encouraging voters to vote yes for the proposal on Election Day.

“On Nov. 8, Oklahoma City voters will head to the ballot box with the opportunity to pass a historic school bond proposal that would invest more than $900 million in the Oklahoma City Public School District,” Dr. Valerie Thompson, president of the league, said in a statement.

“A yes vote will help repair aging schools, build new ones in growing areas, buy new buses, provide workforce training, improve security, invest in modern technology and so much more,” the statement continued.

“Voting will do a lot more than provide this much-needed investment in our schools,” she said.

“Voting yes will send a critical message to our kids.

“The message is that they deserve the same educational opportunities as the kids in our neighboring suburbs.”

“The average age of a building owned by the school district is 72 years old,” she explained.

“We need this bond to provide modern learning spaces for our children and to protect the investments we have made in the last 20 years. We owe it to our kids to give them the same 21st-century learning opportunities as their peers in other communities.

“Between 2010 and 2020, the Moore Public School District held three elections that invested nearly $600 million into its schools.

“Edmond held six elections that resulted in $500 million funding.”

“Our friends in Tulsa?” she pointed out.

“They have invested $1.2 billion in their kids with four elections.”

“Over the same period,” she went on, “Oklahoma City only approved $180 million to fund maintenance and improvements.”

“It is time we catch up,” Dr. Thompson stated.

“There are some notable examples of the Oklahoma City Public School District that have provided educational opportunities that rival our suburban neighbors and anyone in the country, for that matter, when given the support they deserve,” the Urban League leader said.

“It is beyond the time we extend that same support to every school in our district. I have no doubt that when given the same opportunity as Edmond, Yukon or Moore students our kids can achieve amazing things and be even better prepared for the 21st-century workforce.”

“Investing in our schools helps make our city better in every regard,” she said.

Please join me in voting yes on Nov. 8 to invest in Oklahoma City public schools.”

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