Vanessa Bryant Supports Idea Of New NBA Logo To Honor Kobe Bryant

Vanessa Bryant supports Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving’s new NBA logo idea. 

On Wednesday (Jan. 24) Irving posted a picture on his Instagram and suggested that the league update their logo to honor the late Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. 

“Gotta Happen, [I don’t care] what anyone says,” Irving captioned his post. “BLACK KINGS BUILT THE LEAGUE”

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Days following Bryant’s tragic death in a helicopter crash in 2020, several people encouraged the league to honor the icon with a new logo. But the NBA claimed it did not want to highlight an individual player in its logo.

Yet, Alan Siegel, who designed the current NBA logo, according to Yahoo! Sports, admitted that the design is a silhouette of Jerry West, a Hall of Fame guard who spent his entire 14 season career with the Lakers. West, a white man, joined the Los Angeles Clippers in 2017 as an executive board member. But the NBA has not confirmed that the logo is a specific player. 

Rachel Nichols, host of ESPN’s The Jump tweeted that she has had West on the show before and that he is “perfectly happy to cede” the logo to someone else.

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