Video captures Good Samaritans rescuing CHP officer under attack in Orange County

Cellphone video captured the instant 3 Good Samaritans jumped out in their cars to lend a hand a California Highway Patrol officer who was once being attacked by means of a person at the aspect of a hectic highway onramp. 

The incident came about on May 19 at round 5 p.m., on the Main Street northbound front to the 5 Freeway in Santa Ana.  

CHP officials were referred to as to the realm on experiences of a person yelling at drivers and seeking to take down a highway signal. Officials mentioned the officer was once making plans to let the person cross with a caution when he abruptly attacked.  

“Many of these situations, they end up becoming dangerous at a moment’s notice,” CHP Officer Anselmo Templado advised KTLA. 

Just steps from the highway onramp, the officer is noticed on video getting tackled by means of the person. Moments later, the 3 Good Samaritans may also be noticed dashing to the officer’s support.  

CHP Good Samaritans
Cellphone video captured the instant 3 Good Samaritans rushed to the help of a CHP who was once being attacked by means of a 33-year-old guy close to the onramp of the 5 Freeway in Santa Ana on May 19, 2023. (@PPV_TAHOE)

One of the ones Good Samaritans, Everardo Navarro, who was once gazing the location spread, mentioned he briefly learned that the officer wanted lend a hand.  

“Since I see the officer down, I was concerned about the guy grabbing the officer’s gun and shooting the officer,” Navarro advised KTLA. “That was my biggest concern and possibly doing the same to me. So, in that moment, I didn’t have any other choice.” 

Anselmo mentioned it’s extraordinary to see other folks operating to lend a hand regulation enforcement and that he’s thankful they helped the officer.  

“I think it’s amazing that three Good Samaritans came in and stepped in and helped our officer out,” he mentioned. “It’s not very often that you see something like that. Usually, it’s just people recording and standing by, but I just want to thank those three Good Samaritans for helping out our officer. It could’ve ended very badly, but luckily for them no one was seriously injured, and we got the subject under control.”  

As for Navarro, he mentioned he doesn’t really feel like a hero.  

“No. We’re just all human beings. I would do that for anybody any time,” he mentioned.  

The suspect, now recognized as 33-year-old Santa Ana resident Jaime Paniagua, was once taken into custody. He faces a couple of fees together with attack and battery on a peace officer, and resisting arrest.

The CHP officer was once taken to a health center and later launched with out critical accidents reported.

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