Video captures thief snatching woman’s purse from Los Angeles restaurant

Video captured the instant a thief swiped a lady’s purse whilst she was once eating outdoor at a Culver City restaurant.

Police are looking for no less than 3 suspects concerned within the coordinated robbery.

Officials stated the incident took place on May 14 at Akasha the place a lady’s purse was once stolen from the again of her chair as she was once eating.

“It was really upsetting,” stated Alan Schulman, co-owner of Akasha. “It’s upsetting and it’s a violation. And on Mother’s Day? Really? Come on.”

Security video presentations the sufferer eating within the restaurant’s entrance patio along with her again going through the sidewalk as her purse hangs on her chair.

As a suspect dressed in a depressing hoodie approaches the girl, he temporarily snatches the placing purse and sprints away.

“They had just been there for five minutes,” stated Schulman. “I don’t think they had a chance to even order yet.”

The girl’s eating spouse seated throughout from her in an instant stands up and takes to the air working after the thief.

“It was like a chase scene,” stated Schulman. “It was kind of remarkable.”

The foot chase ended down the block in entrance of a close-by parking storage.

“A fight ensued over the purse,” stated Culver City police. “The victim and the suspect fell to the ground and continued fighting.”

Police stated there was once a getaway automobile stopped close by.

“The passenger inside that getaway vehicle fired one round into the air and all parties scattered,” government stated.

Schulman was once status close to the restaurant’s rear front when he heard the shot.

“A group of people came charging in the back door and they’re yelling ‘Gun!’” recalled Schulman.

Officers consider the suspects noticed the girl’s purse at the chair whilst using, turned around the block, dropped off the thief after which parked across the nook, making ready for the break out.

No one was once wounded right through the ordeal, however the suspects stay at massive.

Police stated diners seated at outside patios close to walkways must all the time bear in mind of the place they position their valuables.

“It’s a crime of opportunity,” stated Culver City police. “You want to remove that element from that situation and maybe put that purse on the other chair, maybe facing the inside of the restaurant, putting it out of plain view or leaving it in the car or the trunk.”

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