Viral 5 Year Old Musical Prodigy Catches The Attention of Pharrell [Videos]


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This five year old musical prodigy has grabbed the attention of musicians all across the world. Miles Bonham is the talented kid who has gone viral for his trending renditions of popular songs across musical genres.

The young prodigy has already organically garnered over 292k followers on his Instagram account ran by his parents. The Roots recently reposted his Miles’ latest video on their account and more people are taking notice of his innate talents. In the video, the Chicago kid reproduces Pharcyde’s “Runnin” with multiple instruments. Miles affectionately asks his parent how to spell, “ooh.” He is only five years old, but based upon his music skills and knack for entertaining fans might believe he’s been on Earth before.

The Roots captioned the video, “You wrestling with that upright made me almost give up the ghost 😂

😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂 I wish I could like this 100 times @milesmusickid Keep up the good work. Stay this way forever: always be curious, always have fun I wanna be you whe—— IF I grow up! (Miles is 5 yrs old).”

The Roots aren’t the only ones who noticed Miles’ talents. Pharrell and the Other Tone podcast reached out to interview him about his love for music and original compositions.

Miles plays several instruments including guitar, drums, piano, bass and he produces using his own DAW. His talent is obvious and his parents are continuing to nurture his gifts, sharing both covers of his reproductions and original compositions from Miles’ own creative mind. He has even formed friendships with other young, gifted musicians like LJ, the boy drummer.

Take a look at some of Miles’ other videos, reproducing familiar and classic songs. Be sure to follow Miles the music kid on Instagram here.


Viral 5 Year Old Musical Prodigy, Miles Bonham, Catches The Attention of The Roots & Pharrell [Videos] 
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1. No Way He’s Five

Source:Miles Bonham

2. A Story of Musical Friendship

Source:Miles Bonham

3. Connecting Music to His Emotions

Source:Miles Bonham

4. Just Brilliant

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5. What Were You Doing Before Kindergarten?

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6. Some Classic Green Day

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7. Stay Curious, Miles

Source:Miles Bonham

8. Bringing Us All Joy

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9. Such Talent

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10. Keep Going, Miles!

Source:Miles Bonham

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