Viral Internet Star Antoine Dodson’s Mom Dies | Celebrities

Antoine Dodson, known for his viral “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife” interview in 2010, is asking for help after his mother passed away.

According to TMZ, Dodson’s mother, Jennifer, died on Sunday (September 12) at a hospital in Decatur, Alabama, which was shocking because he believed his mom was managing many of her more serious health issues.

Dodson, 37, says his mother began having problems with her leg around the time he went viral, and eventually had to have it amputated, causing an infection, TMZ reports, and spending some time in the intensive care unit.

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After years of recovery, Dodson said he received a call nearly a week ago that she had died. According to TMZ, doctors said she died of heart failure.

Dodson has set up a GoFundMe page for his mother’s funeral costs. As of Saturday afternoon, it’s raised over $11,000.

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