WATCH: Maya Rudolph Play Beyoncé In ‘Saturday Night Live’ ‘Hot Ones’ Spoof

Maya Rudolph appeared as Beyoncé in a hilarious spoof during the Saturday Night Live March 27th episode. 

In a spoof of First We Feast’s Hot Ones,’ a series that hot-and-spicy sketch that captures celebs as they taste  increasingly spicy sauces, with Sean Evans’ ‘SNL’ alter-ego, that was played by Mikey Day. 

“I cannot believe you’re on ‘Hot Ones,’” Evans’ Day says. 

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“I feel you… I still can’t tell if this is beneath me,” Rudolph’s Beyoncé responds as she wears the singer’s all-black outfit from her 2021 Grammys appearance. 

Later in the spoof, Rudolph’s Beyoncé amps up her dramatic antics.

“Beyoncé’s head is wet. This wing is wrecking me,” she gasps while drenched in sweat.

She then realizes that drinking water makes the heat worse and touching your eyes with hot sauce on your finger is never a good idea. 

“I know that now, you bald b**h,” Beyoncé’s Rudolph continues talking  to Evans’ Day.

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Wrapping up the spoof, Bey’s team destroys all evidence and shuts down the entire operation to spare her the humiliation. 

Rudolph has made several appearances as Beyoncé on SNL, including a 2012 sketch that featured Jay Pharoah as Jay-Z

Watch the hilarious spoof below:

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