Watch RZA Become A Bonafide Action Star In New Film ‘Nobody’

If you’re a fan of the popular John Wick franchise, the new film, Nobody is the kind of attention-grabbing, action-packed release that is sure to get your immediate attention. The most delightful part of the film is a memorable performance by the multi-hyphenated talent of The RZA, who plays the half-brother of Hutch Mansell, played by Emmy Award-winning Bob Odenkirk.  

Written by John Wick movie franchise’s penman, Derek Kolstad, the film tells the story of a family man hiding a secret. His brother Harry, comes out of the woodworks to help him navigate the truth along with their father played by Christopher Lloyd

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In the kickass, hardcore Universal film, set to arrive on March 26, RZA is at his best. No, this isn’t his first time demonstrating a top-notch acting performance, but Nobody is a prime example of him owning a role. RZA told The Movie Times that he found working alongside Lloyd and Odenkirk “stimulating,” noting that he wouldn’t hesitate to do a sequel. 

With a reputation for preparation and getting into a routine, RZA says both of those practices helped him with the role, especially when it came to getting in his best shape to get through some of the more intense action scenes. 

RZA’s character, Harry, is a natural with a rifle. He displays an impressive three-man kill with finesse by the pull of a single trigger. In one scene, Harry even finishes off an opponent with barbed wire before launching him out of a window with the push of a staple gun. 

Aside from co-founding one of hip-hop’s most legendary groups, Wu-Tang Clan, the 51-year old has transferred his artistry into the acting world. Without question, RZA’s past films like The Protector 2 and The Man With The Iron Fist, showcase his mastery of fight scenes and martial arts expertise, but in Nobody, he reaches a new level and it brings the best out of him.

As a kid, films provided escapism and a different lens on life for RZA; he gets lost in the character development. 

“I was hooked on action kung-fu movies,” RZA said during a conversation with Donnell Rawlings on the Joe Rogan Podcast. “Those movie moments, they really inspired me. They really took me from a world that was different from the project world that I lived in.”

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Kung-fu movies have inspired RZA’s music and acting career. It’s led him to be a jack of all trades: rapping, producing, writing, directing, acting, scoring, and then some. His ability to do all of the aforementioned has come full circle plenty of times, but in the film Nobody, his best acting is on display.

Watch’s exclusive clip from Nobody featuring RZA below. 

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