California Governor Gavin Newsom gets his $180 billion climate package approval



(The Center Square) – The California Senate today approved the Governor Gavin Newsom’s package of up to $180 billion in clean infrastructure, with funds to be disbursed over the next decade. The action is expected to yield 400,000 construction jobs.

The Governor’s package, guided by the final report, is a blueprint for regulation changes and steps for various sectors to promote climate-action and develop the required infrastructure to support California’s climate goals.

Funding will come from the state’s budget, the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and Inflation Reduction Act.

On May 19, 2023 a strike team to work across state agencies to accelerate clean energy and infrastructure projects across California, was created when Governor Newsom signed an executive order requiring its formation.

The final affirmative vote on the package by the legislature is expected to speed up construction, expedite any legal challenges, allow for change to California law to speed up permitting, address cumbersome environmental processes and establish a Green Bank Financing Program.

The result of these combined efforts could shorten project timelines by over three years which would save millions of dollars for state and local governments and businesses. It will reduce mountains of paperwork by hundreds of thousands of pages.

“California is one step closer to building the projects that will power our homes with clean energy, ensure safe drinking water, and modernize our transportation system,” Newsom said. “Thanks to our partners in the Legislature, we’re about to embark on a clean construction boom that maximizes the unprecedented funding available from the Biden-Harris administration. I look forward to signing these bills to build California’s clean future, faster.”

While these proposals promise to build faster it still ensures appropriate environmental review and community engagement, the office of the governor assures.

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