Second judge denies injunction against Washington ‘assault weapon’ ban



(The Center Square) – For the second time this month, a judge has denied a request for a temporary injunction against a newly-enacted ban by Washington state on firearms deemed “assault weapons.”

The ruling was issued orally by Thurston County Superior Court Judge Allyson Zipp, who intends to issue a written decision later. A separate lawsuit against the law was originally filed in Grant County Superior Court, but a judge accepted a request by the State Attorney General’s Office to have the lawsuit moved.

Taking effect on April 25, House Bill 1240 bans numerous semi-automatic rifles, such as the AR-15 and the AK-47, along with various other semi-automatic rifles. Pistols and shotguns with certain features and accessories are prohibited from purchasing, selling, or importing into the state. The grandfather clause allows the current owner of these weapons to will them, but the heir is not allowed to do so.

The lawsuits assert that the ban violates the Second Amendment, citing numerous recent U.S. Supreme Court cases, including Heller and Bruen.

In a press release statement, State Attorney General Bob Ferguson wrote that “my legal team remains undefeated against the gun lobby in court. This common-sense gun reform will save lives by restricting access to the preferred weapon of mass shooters.”

A separate lawsuit filed in federal court also was denied an injunction on June 6 after the judge concluded that the plaintiffs did not sufficiently justify temporarily blocking the law until the case was settled.

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