White Houston Woman Appears to Call Police on Black Census Worker, Claiming That He’s ‘Threatening’ Her – Black Enterprise

(Image: Screenshot)

A white woman in Houston has been caught on video harassing a Black census worker who told her he was “minding my own business” before she called the police and accused him of being obnoxious and walking toward her in a threatening manner.

According to The International Business Times, the Black census worker was standing in front of her neighbor’s house as he was going door-to-door collecting data for the 2020 census. The man recorded the encounter and posted it to his Instagram account.

As the white woman is “reporting” him to the police, she clearly is attempting to make the situation seem more volatile than it is. At one point, she says into the phone, “He doesn’t need to be here. He’s yelling at me.”

To which he responds, “I’m not yelling. I’m talking loud so you can hear me.”

She then states, “He’s approaching me right now.”

The census worker stayed on the scene for two hours waiting for the arrival of police and was later told by police on the scene that the woman never called them. He posted an update.

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