Why Elton John is “honored” to be in Demi Lovato’s documentary: “She’s such a great girl” – Music News

Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Island RecordsEver since Elton John got sober three decades ago, he’s encouraged other stars to do the same, and he’s thrilled when they conquer their addictions. That’s why he’s was happy to appear in Dancing with the Devil, a new docuseries that follows Demi Lovato‘s recovery following her near-fatal 2018 drug overdose.

Elton is featured in the fourth and final episode of the multi-part series, which is streaming now on YouTube.  Throughout the series, Demi frankly discusses her trauma, including substance abuse, sexual assault, eating disorders, depression and more.

Elton’s a fan of Demi’s: He invited her to sing “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” onstage with him in 2016, and she later covered that song on Revamp, the all-star 2018 Elton tribute album.

“When you’re young and you’re famous, my God, it’s tough. You are put up on a pedestal and you’re not supposed to be human,” Elton says of the former Disney star. “But of course we’re not perfect, we’re all human beings. She’s human and she’s adorable and she’s brave.”

While Elton is disappointed that Demi won’t completely swear off alcohol and weed, he notes, “The great thing about Demi is that she has opened up about her addictions and…the stress and the pressure of fame at such a young age, and a lot of people are afraid to open up about it.”

“Addiction is a lifelong thing, but you can have the most fantastic life,” Elton notes. “I’ve been sober 30 years. I’ve had the most incredible things happen to me. And I’m hoping that she does, too, because she’s such a great girl.”

On Instagram, Elton wrote, “For @ddlovato to make this film about what she went through is so brave. Your courage will inspire countless others and I’m honored to be in your documentary.”



By Andrea Dresdale
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