Woman, Kid Shot!

For Two Consecutive Weeks, Quadrant Is Victimized

Once again—as the weekend approached, but not yet arrived—gunfire rang out near a busy intersection in the city’s northeast quadrant on a Thursday afternoon.

This time—last Thursday—the tragedy was played out at NE 36th Street and N. Kelley Avenue.

There is no busier intersection in this area.

Springlake Drive helps form that busy intersection and NE 36th crosses Kelley and so does Springlake, although that street sort of merges.

Police said a woman and a child were injured in a shooting Thursday night.

Officers located the first victim in the 3600 block of N. Prospect Avenue, which is near NE 36th.

On one corner, a now closed convenience store is quiet, but there is another such store across the street and there is a bustling and busy service station/convenience store on another corner.

Prospect leads to a police precinct, but it also borders an apartment complex.  A highly-remodeled encloses, in part, a vast parking lot.

It could not be determined if the two victims were residents of the shopping center.

It seems as if at least two men were shooting at each other, police said.

The woman was taken to a local hospital after being shot in the stomach.

Authorities later said a child was also shot.

The age of the child was not released, but police confirmed both victims were driven to an area hospital in a personal vehicle.  Police said they do not have suspect information.

People at the scene were not cooperating with officers, police said.

What made last Thursday’s shooting consecutive is the incident of two weeks ago, when—on a Thursday—gunshots were fired at another busy intersection (NE 13th Street and Lottie Avenue.

A woman was shot in the face in that incident.  She died at a hospital not far away, since NE 13th and Lottie is blocks away from the city’s medical center area.  Presbyterian Hospital is there, as is the city’s veterans medical center and the University of Oklahoma Medical Center.

People are in and out of a convenience store in the area of last week’s shooting.

The woman victim—described as a 29-year-old mother—is believed by police to have been an innocent bystander who got caught in the crossfire.

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