Convicted Orange County serial rapist to be sentenced again, detectives warn there may be more victims


A man already convicted of raping two women will soon be sentenced in Hernando County. Investigators are concerned because they believe there are other victims.

Deborah Barra prosecuted the Orange County case. She said, “If you were in his path of travel during this time, you were at risk. He raped his best friend and he attempted to rape strangers.” 

He’ll soon be sentenced for raping a woman in Hernando County. He’s already been sentenced to 45 years in prison for raping a woman in Orange County.

“These women were incapacitated. They were unconscious or semi-conscious. They were not capable of giving consent.”

Lt John Allen said Windermere police started investigating Patterson back in 2014.  

He said the former realtor would drug the women and then sexually batter them. Detectives seized videos of the rape from Patterson’s home. 

“We worked very hard to try to identify other victims. We did identify several victims, but there are still some victims that we have video of that we still to this day don’t know who they are.” 

During the investigation detectives even released pictures of the victims’ tattoos to the media, hoping they would identify themselves. They say many of the women didn’t remember what happened and were shocked when they saw the videos.

“We believe there’s lots of victims out there that don’t know. In fact, his best friend didn’t know till she saw the bulletin off of a video that he took of the rape,” detectives said.

Barra said all victims deserve justice, even if Patterson has already been convicted of the crime. 

“If there’s anyone who feels like, there was this one night where I don’t really remember what happened, I’m not really sure why, I would recommend contacting the police,” Barra said. 

Victims are asked to call the Windermere Police Department at 407-876-3757. Patterson will be sentenced on Nov. 7th in Hernando County.

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