Orlando businesses on edge after string of crimes involving break-ins

Businesses along Edgewater Drive in Orlando have recently been hit with criminals either breaking into their stores or attempting to break in.

Over the weekend, the owner of Plush Paws Pet Salon caught on her security system a man throwing a brick through her glass door. It was an unsuccessful attempt to get inside, but it did leave some damage. The door is boarded up until it can get replaced.

Footage of the pet salon vandal suspect

Laura Watts, the pet salon owner, told FOX 35 News in an exclusive interview that she’s glad it was all caught on camera and hopes someone can come forward with information that leads to an arrest. She also hopes other businesses beef up their security, as well.

“I really want, and there are tons of businesses up and down Edgewater drive that I’m sure this will shed some light for them as well,” Watts said.

This vandalism situation hits too close to home for Watts, telling FOX 35 that there’s been a string of crimes happening within the last year or so.

“The last year, year and a half, especially during the pandemic I have noticed a huge influx of our neighboring businesses on Edgewater drive with stories of burglaries, vandalism.”

Just next door a similar situation happened during Hurricane Ian at Twist Hair Studio and Laser Procedure of Florida. A man smashed through the glass. He was able to get inside, in what appears to just be boxer briefs, and walks around the salon until he’s confronted.

Jill Sheets, the owner of the hair studio, told FOX 35 her husband saw it on the security system, got up at 3:30 a.m. during the hurricane, and drove over.

“He came in, opened the door, and said ‘get out of here, I will shoot you,’ and they just ran out the back door.”

He wasn’t able to get anything, but it still left the owners upset.

“It’s just ridiculous, this is a great community, and to have this happen to our small businesses is just not right,” Sheets said.

If you have any information on the two incidents, you can contact the Orange County Sheriff’s office.

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