Op-Ed: Can Biden control the Left’s monster?



“In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.” – Laurence J. Peter

Many of us boomers recall having our eyeballs fixated on the Saturday matinees where mad scientists created a monster that eventually got so out of control it controlled them. Some consider this a stoke of genius while others consider it an act of desperate fiction. The results were not what we expected. Even though admission was only a dime, most of us left for home feeling cheated.

During her time in the Senate, her own campaign and the one she shared with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris was a lock-step progressive. Harris not only had the most progressive voting record in the Senate’s history, she vilified Donald Trump and his justices and constantly refused to work with the GOP. As vice president, Harris cast the most tie-breaking votes in the history of the Senate at 31.

The day Biden “officially” announced Harris as a running mate, every liberal newspaper in America, led by the New York Times, reported Harris was a fair and commonsense liberal with a voting record that reflected it. Although Harris shares a past with womanizer Willy Brown that would portray “Peyton Place” as a cartoon show, desperate to win in 2020 the left felt their lap-dog media would hide her indiscretions until Biden left for the old folks home. But they soon learned the power of the press.

Everyone but Joe Biden knew he was chosen as “the default Democratic candidate” since Bernie Sanders stole the hearts of socialist millennials. At age 78, they could justify replacing him with a progressive. So the DNC decreed Biden must choose a progressive Black woman as his VP.

Democrats needed a high turnout of diverse voters to defeat Trump. They believed a Black woman would bring out the women. It is their party’s new “11th Commandment”, when in doubt appoint a member of an identity group, especially a woman whose qualifications they can easily manipulate.

Considering Harris was Biden’s biggest adversary during the primaries, why did he choose her over other candidates with less political and personal baggage like Florida’s Val Demings, D.C. insiders Susan Rice or Rep. Karen Bass? Because Harris was a far left party favorite from the former Gold Coast, the bluest state in the union. California is a melting pot of fruits and nuts, flush with a plethora of progressive donors and voters. It’s also home to every green energy company.

The most personal attacks during the Democratic debates were not aimed at President Trump, but at Joe Biden from Kamala Harris. She bashed him on the issue of race, his past relationship with segregationists. She criticized him for opposing busing, and fabricating a tale about his civil rights work.

“A lot of voters and me want answers about what you really did in the past.” – Kamala Harris

For years, vice presidents were chosen simply to give ideological or geographic balance to the nominee’s campaign. The VP was considered a “stand-in” for the president at lesser events. But as they assumed more power, the job was taken more seriously. The VP’s vote breaks ties in the Senate. They lead commissions and are advisers for presidents and they head special committees.

During the Democrats party’s primary, Harris ran to the far left of the winner Biden yet was chosen his running mate? Amid speculation about whether Biden, 77, could pledge to serve only one term in office, her political positions are coming under intense scrutiny from many Democrats. They claim the party is deserting the middle class in favor of identity groups and special interests.

According to GovTrack, an independent nonpartisan website, Kamala Harris is listed as the most liberal of all 100 senators. The NY Times, who labeled her the most progressive candidate before her appointment as Biden’s VP, now calls her “a pragmatic moderate.” Fox News reacted to her appointment labeling her the most progressive elected official in the federal government today.

For the last four years, Harris has sidestepped questions about many issues of concern for every American. She pledged to consider expanding the size of the Supreme Court if elected. Harris openly solicited money on social media, asking her voters to bail BLM rioters and thugs out of jail.

Harris describes herself as a “progressive prosecutor” and “top cop” in California. Yet as DA of San Francisco in 2004, she infuriated police by declining to seek the death penalty for a gang member who gunned down an officer in a hate crime. In 2015, she ruled against police wearing body-cams and said they were racist and showed hostility towards Blacks and other identity groups. She is a huge supporter of teaching CRT to grade school children and alternative sex education to minors.

Due to some Beltway politicians, a deal had been made for Biden to run for president, choose the unpopular Harris as his running mate to get her into office through the back door. After mentoring her extensively, he would then retire in his basement bunker in Delaware and play Pinochle.

But the man who spent his life running for president loved his job too much. Instead of mentoring his successor, (which is not the president’s job), Biden wants to go out with a bang. While Biden has been co-mingling with party leaders, signing executive orders and giving away money, Kamala Harris has been relegated to what she calls “shadow duties.”

“There are two kinds of failures: those who thought and never did, and those who did and never thought” – Laurence J. Peter

Within days, Harris’ political integrity was tested when Biden put her in charge of his border fiasco. When Harris landed in Guatemala, Catholics lined the streets carrying signs protesting her support for abortion. Others read, “Trump won so go home!” After President Alejandro Giammattei met with Harris, he told the media, “We are not on the same page as VP Kamala Harris or President Biden.”

When NBC News anchor Lester Holt asked Harris when she will be going to the border, she said, “This whole thing about the border, we’ve been to the border.” Holt retorted, “You haven’t been to Mexico and we’d like to know why?” Harris annoyingly giggled, “I haven’t been to Europe either.”

According to beltway Democrats, although they created the Harris problem by pandering to identity group voters, they refuse to bail Biden out for fear of losing the Black vote. According to Politico, CNN interviewed 32 top Democratic leaders. Their consensus is too few Americans have a positive view of Biden’s current successor, and they fear an exodus to the GOP. By protecting Harris, this will give them the identity vote and help them defend programs that appeal to those on the far left.

All of America is aware Joe Biden flunked rocket science, but, throughout the years he has learned when to pull the switch. But putting the guy who barely passed the course in charge of teaching the least capable student in class how to blow up the world is scary. The press did too good a selling job on Kamala Harris’ shortcomings to undue the damage they did while she ran for president.



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